Ugh... Change (Really, Not That Bad)

Ugh... Change (Really, Not That Bad)

Ugh... Change (Really, Not That Bad)
Posted on February 24th, 2023

Change. Amazing how one little word can illicit feelings of stress, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, fear...the list could continue but you get the idea. The underlying issue with change is it's usually sudden, you were not prepared for it or you simply have a moral/ethical aversion to what is being changed.

However, the change I want to talk about is the kind we have control over. Changing ourselves and our lives to match the picture in our head or our dreams. The keys to that kind of change are motivation, desire, planning and drive. Without those elements the change you achieve, if any, will most likely not be permanent. Change for the sake of change is futile and for some can have a negative impact. 

What is motivating you to change? Is it enough to make a positive and sustainable effect on your current situation? Do you REALLY want to change? Seriously, are you making this change for yourself or someone else? We all fall prey to this at one point or another in our lives. Trying to be someone that you aren't will make you miserable and the change will not last. On average it takes an adult 28 days to break a habit (good or bad). Some may make it to 30 days but if the changes don't fulfill you there will be a breaking point. Changes you make must make you happy and align with your core values. 

When this happens those around you and in your inner circle will be happy too. Focus on YOU, not them. Then the planning...who likes to plan?? Well, there are a few of us around...but moving on. 

You have to know what you want to change. How you're going to make the changes. What you need to make it happen and how the pieces fit together to hit your goal. It also gives you a road map in case things slide off the path (and it me). Do not beat yourself up either, we're human...keep going. If your not a good planner enlist the help of someone (like me, wink wink) to get you started. 

Now the really hard part (no I can't help with this one, sorry), want, willpower, gusto...whatever you want to call it you gotta have it. It will be hard, some days harder but your determination is what will make or break your plan. Without the drive the plan will go no where fast. 

Be sure of what you want, plan and push yourself to be better, do better. Be positive about it. Change is a good thing. Never said it was easy. But it can be done. This world would be so boring if we all stayed the same, wouldn't it? Change allows you to grow, become better and do more with the life you have and want. Never underestimate the power of change or those who have harnessed the ability to accept, embrace and use it to make a positive sustainable impact in their world. 

Until next time...Love and Light to you.

"What Would Life Be if We Had No Courage to Attempt Anything?” - Vincent Van Gogh

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