Remote Reiki Session

Remote Reiki Session

Remote Reiki Session
From $25.00
Per Hour

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that originated in Japan and was developed by Mikao Usui. The term "Reiki" is a combination of two Japanese characters - "Rei" which translates as 'spiritual, sacred, divine' and "Ki" which translates as 'universal energy, vital life force, breath of life'. Reiki is based on the idea that there is a life energy that supports the body's innate healing abilities. It can be practiced as hands on/hands off or Distance. Reiki works on your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies bringing them to balance. Energy healing can help alleviate stress, negativity, chronic pain, and other conditions by improving your natural energy flow. The work of energy healers is often considered to be alternative or non-traditional even though this method goes back for centuries.

This is a distance Reiki session for 30 minutes. I will message you with a booking information for you to select the date and time convenient for you to have the session. You can include any details you'd like to share of how you're feeling or why you are seeking treatment. During the session I will be using the universal reiki energy to connect with you. A picture of the recipient will need to be emailed to the healer prior to the session. It will be conducted in the treatment room just as an in-person session would be.

"What Would Life Be if We Had No Courage to Attempt Anything?” - Vincent Van Gogh

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