Best Health and Wellness Services Coach in Bolivar

Hello, and welcome to PB Coaching Solutions, LLC. Peggy Sharpe, our founder, is a health and wellness guiding professional with more than twenty years of combined experience. Our only goal is to help you reach yours; whatever that may be in your life, career, or relationship, energetically or spiritually. We ...

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Patty Cakez

Peggy is amazing. Doing reiki with her is amazing. It makes me feel better each time. It helps with my mental health and clears so much muddy stuff!!! Thank you i would recommend and I will keep coming back



10 Reviews

Went in a little nervous as the last experience I had with someone who offered me a reiki session left me feeling I needed to get out of there fast. I was ...Read more

Apr 26, 2024
SunnyLynn Matthews